Jing Jiu (500ml)


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Fragrance Description

Possessing the aroma of Chinese spirits and their aging fragrance, plus the rich blended herbal flavor of angelica, cinnamon, clove, mint, etc., mingled with a fruity smell, and some smoky incense that was brought in during the drying process of herbs can be detected with attentive smelling. As the storage age of the liquor body grows, the smell of pine wood would be more increasingly obvious.


Taste Description

Tasting pure, sweet, and smooth after entering the mouth, the taste buds are covered with rich and emanative spices flavor little by little and then occupied by a special and slightly bitter taste of herbal essences and alcohol stimulation, which lasts and stands very long and enjoys a very distinctive style of its own.


Raw herbal materials for Jing Jiu

Barrenwort – Applied to improve anorexia, cough of lung deficiency, and frequent micturition. Also has the benefits of strengthening the spleen and stomach, invigorating Qi and lung.

Wolfberry – Applied to treat waist-ache, kidney deficiency, and early wheezing syndromes. Has the benefits to warm the kidney, enhance Yang, dispel colds, and relieving pains.

Clove – Applied to treat the pains and numbness in arthritis. Has the benefits of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and regulate kidney functions.

Yam – Applied to enhance sexual capability, and improve premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, and diabetes. Has the benefit to nourish blood, liver, and eyes.

Cinnamon – Applied to treat the deficient cold of the spleen and stomach, relieving cold and pains of the heart and abdomen. Has the benefits to warm the kidney and enhance Yang.

Angelica – Has the benefits to replenish Qi, enhance Yang, nourish defensive Qi, induce diuresis and alleviate edema.


Drinking Method

  • Direct drinking
  • Drink with ice
  • Bartending and drinking

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