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Traditionally has been taken as daily drinks for cooling and refreshing, especially during hot season by the people from Chiu Chow and Shantou in China who are acquainted with the advantages of his herb. It is a special native herb of Chiu Chow and Shantou.

YHG brand of SheSheCao Beverage is manufactured with fresh SheSheCao, Sculellaria Barbata, and cane sugar. It is processed in a progressive and scientific way to retain its original effectiveness, nourishing and delicious. It is suitable for people of all ages in all seasons.

Ingredients: SheSheCao 60%, Sculellaria Barbata 10%, Sugar Cane 30%

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 20g
Serving per can: 25
Items Per 100g Per Serving
Energy 1648 kJ 329.6 kJ
Protein 0.24 g 0.048 g
Fat 0.0 g 0.0g
Carbohydrate 96.7 g 19.34 g
Sugar 89.8 g 17.96 g

Instructions: Dissolve 15 – 20g of SheSheCao Beverage in about 200ml of boiling hot water and serving instantly. Ice can be added for cold serving.

Content: 500g x 1 pack

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